We offer services from experienced engineers with qualification at least at European Qualification Framevork Level 7 (EQF-7). See more about EQF at European Commission page and Wikipedia.

The services include:

Product Development.

Mechanical Engineering.

Automation Engineering

3D CAD Modelling.

Prototyping and Production

Product Development and Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Product development from details to large assemblies.

From design of stationary details to engineering of assembly and handling machines and robots.

Mechanical Engineering

We select and design machine components, for which we perform all necessary researches and calculations, for example:

  • structural analysis (incl. FEM/FEA linear and non-linear (for plastics)),
  • material selection,
  • calculation of power consumption ,
  • calculation of transmission details, etc.

Prototyping and Production

In addition to prototyping and producing common mechanical and automated products, we have extensive experience in prototyping details that are designed to be manufactured by injection molding. For prototyping plastic parts we use 3D printing or if the designed detail is very  large and results with very high accuracy and physical durability are needed –  CNC machining (e.g ABS).